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Your safety management plan is the road map to how health and safety is managed in your business. It could be just at your workplace or if you are a contractor it might be how your plan fits in with the principal contractors or customers plan.

All businesses should have a safety plan it’s a road map to how you manage safety and health. In your plan there will be:

  • Safety and health policy

  • Your hazard and risk management processes

  • What safe work procedures you have in pace

  • Your induction and training processes

  • How you monitor compliance with your plan

  • What inspection processes are in place

  • How and who reports and investigated an incident

There is a simple plan on the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety to view. While it is titled for the construction industry, the template can be used for all business types and tailored to your needs:

SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) are required by the OSH legislation for those tasks that are considered as high risk construction work.

JSA/JHA( Job Safety Analysis / Job Hazard Analysis) are risk management tools that are created for a tasks with the job steps, the risks and controls to eliminate or reduce risk.

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