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Taylored Health and Safety was established in 1992 with the aim of helping clients develop practical business solutions in the areas of workplace health and safety.

THS have been involved in the small business sector, mining and resources sector, civil construction, agriculture, forestry and fishing and health care.

We provide a comprehensive range of health and safety services to a wide range of industries and businesses including:

  • Development of compliance documentation ( Safety plans, JSA’s, SWMs etc) ;

  • Auditing

  • Risk management identification and assessment along with suggested solutions

  • Development of integrated management systems ( eg AS/NZS 4801/ISO 14001/ISO9001)


Health and Safety Scrabble

Our focus is small – medium businesses and we tailor the processes to suit. However if we don’t have the capacity to deliver what you need in your time frame, we have an extensive network of contacts that we can recommend and call on to assist.

We offer short courses on an introduction to safety and health and these can be tailored to whatever focus you require.


While we can deliver all the standard workplace health and safety processes, we specialise in contractor management processes. Managing contractors is often the area paid least attention to and can in some cases be the biggest risk to a business.

We also specialise in coaching and mentoring new health and safety professionals to enable the transition to self sufficiency at a faster pace.

Certified OHS Professional
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