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Have you identified your key issues or risks and challenges to achieving compliance and / or risk reduction?

Did you know the OSH Act and Regulations apply to small business including real estate, retail, mechanical garages, panel beaters, electricians, plumbers? You are expected to have a basic understanding of the key requirements of the OSH Act and Regulations no matter what type of business you are in. It’s too late if an accident occurs or Worksafe visit your premises.

Your safety plan for your business is tailored to your needs. For example a real estate office safety plan would need the following:

  • Identified what hazards exist and what can be done to reduce the risk; 

  • Evacuation plans for the office; 

  • Fire extinguishers tested and tagged; 

  • Electrical devices tested and tagged; 

  • Instruct , train and supervise workers and any contractors to follow the processes; 

  • Provide clean drinking water; 

  • Flooring without obstacles and safe stairways; 

  • Have a process for consultation with workers and contactors; 

  • Provide personal protective clothing and equipment as required

We can show you the road map and it’s not that complicated but sometimes you need a helping hand.

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