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Managing contractors no matter what industry you are in is a significant risk to any business. Contractors pose issues that need to be managed and we can offer a variety of approaches and systems that will suit your business.

Contractor management starts before the contractor is offered the opportunity to work with you as any negotiations must ensure that your health and safety requirements are clear to them before they tender, submit a price or agree to work for you.

You should have the following relative to your business type and size:

  • a set of guidelines or specifications to issue to all contractors you want to work for you;

  • require subcontractors to submit documentation on how they will meet the specifications;

  • an assessment process of the risk they pose to your business from their submission;

  • improvement plans to get them up to what you require;

  • In service monitoring and audits; and

  • regular performance reports and communication of the outcomes.

THS have various types of contractor management processes that can be adapted to your business. We can also assist your contractors on how to meet their/ your legal and your company expectations.

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