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Some organisations don’t necessarily think employing a new health and safety person is always the best fit. They prefer to promote internally with someone who has the potential skills, attitude and passion to take on the role. Often these individuals will have no formal certification in health and safety but have a passion to make a difference and need the support to get there.

If they are the only person in that team e.g. no other health and safety people, the person will need some external assistance for a period of time. This is where coaching comes in.

Health and safety coaching is a one to one supportive relationship that focuses on assisting the person being coached to understand and develop the skills in a supportive environment. It enables the person being coached to fast track their personnel development which in turn assists the organisation.

Coaching and mentoring can be very effective in shaping the direction of the role, focusing on areas of need and monitoring the performance of the individual meeting the direction of the company.

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